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Stateside Madness podcast, episode 37: Madness Music Videos

January 8, 2022

This week, Laurie & Poly talk Madness music videos. We’ll discuss how the rise of MTV helped the band to break in the USA, and we’ll count down the top 10 Madness music videos as chosen by Stateside Madness listeners. Plus, we have some additional bonus content that was not a part of Saturday’s live video webcast: Poly & Laurie discuss their favorite Madness videos that weren’t included in the top ten, and Mr. Scurf (host of Mr. Scurf’s Koast Train) pays us a visit and talks about Lockdown Allstars.

Be sure to check out the Lockdown Allstars’ video: 

VIVA! The Freedom Songs 4-CD set is available through the Specialized Project 

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