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Stateside Madness podcast, episode 55: Roddy Radiation interview

September 17, 2022

This week, Poly sits down with Roddy Radiation, legendary guitarist & songwriter for The Specials, The Tearjerkers, and The Bonediggers. Be sure to listen as Roddy recalls his storied career within the 2Tone ska movement. 

Songs included in this episode:

  1. “Wake Up” - The Coventry Automatics
  2. “Little B***h” - The Coventry Automatics
  3. “Concrete Jungle” - The Specials
  4. “Rat Race” - The Specials
  5. “Braggin’ and Tryin’ Not to Lie” - Roddy Radiation & The Specials
  6. “Western Song” - Roddy Radiation & The Tearjerkers
  7. “Sammy Dead” - Desmond Dekker and The Specials
  8. “Johnny Too Bad” - The Specials MK2

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